March 29, 2018
Rebecca Hawkins in India & Nepal

Rebecca Hawkins has been out in Rajasthan and Kathmandu for three weeks getting back to her Indian and Nepali heartlands.

Travelling through Rajasthan, Rebecca's meticulously planned trip took in wedding processions and woodblock buying in Jaipur, seeing potters and local families in Deogarh, meeting the Sambalhi Trust discussing the empowerment of women and girls in Jodhpur and sari watching explorations through the desert in Jaiselmer. 

Rebecca then went on to Nepal to continue her work with Circus Kathmandu, the only circus troop working in Nepal, raising awareness for human trafficking and protecting vulnerable young Nepali girls in extreme poverty.

An incredible and inspiring time, exploring the central themes around Rebecca's work embracing empowerment, the spirit and strength of the Indian and Nepali women and a celebration of their beauty, grace and elegance. 

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