Guy Allen
Fur, Feathers & Feelers
October 31 - November 05, 2017

Guy Allen Artist Statement - Fur, Feather & Feelers - Minature Etchings

Norfolk is my home, where I go to find inspiration. Growing up here, I have an affinity with and fascination for animals, for their quirks, strengths, and fragility. I have tried to capture these characteristics in this collection of Insects and Beasts, in small format original etchings that render them accessible to the viewer.

The insects are depicted from an entomological perspective, their composition echoing their display in specimen boxes in museums: vibrating with life despite their stillness, enhanced by gold leaf. These contrast in size but not expression to the virile muscularity of the bull and bear. Athletic salmon and charismatic winged beasts complete the collection.

I created these pieces by marrying the traditional technique of etching with a timeless subject matter and print making processes for a more contemporary twist. The stages involved in creating these original prints include etching, aquatint, screen print and lithography.

I use a stippling effect on the plate, a labour-intensive pointillist technique that gives the images a soft and evocative finish - perfect for fur, feathers and feelers. I use gold leaf, itself a delicate medium, to highlight the natural beauty, iridescence and fragility of the insect and animal world.  

Guy Allen, September 2017

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Fur, Feathers & Feelers
Fur, Feathers & Feelers