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Rupert Merton is a potter based in South West London working mainly in stoneware and porcelain fired in an electric kiln.

Having first learnt to work with clay during an apprenticeship at Tingewick Pottery in Buckinghamshire, Rupert later did a ceramic design course at Roehampton College and has a degree in History of Art from Cambridge.

Following an action packed road along which Rupert spent a 12 year career in the music industry as an independent music publisher and manager (including Thompson Twins and Underworld), started a magazine, moved to Tuscany to write a couple of novels and made documentaries for TV, he has now happily returned to his roots and main passion – sculpting in clay and making pots.

Rupert makes sculpture in bronze and clay, often on the wheel and then altering the shapes after throwing. Most recently he has created a new series of work called Pothecaries.

As he writes, 'At the moment I am obsessed by the infinite possibilities of bottle forms and have been making wall installations called Pothecaries. Each bottle is unique yet they all share a basic form. I arrange them in patterns and rhythms which produce the aesthetic effect I am looking for. They are named after chemical elements in the order of their atomic number in homage to Walter White.'

Rupert has been selected by committee to show his work at Collect, an International Art Fair of Contemporary Objects at the Saatchi Gallery, with the Sladmore Contemporary for the last two consecutive years.  A new collection of work will be on show at the Summer Collection 2016 in June at Oxleaze Barn in the Cotswolds.


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