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Emily Crookshank is an artist and printmaker based in London.

Since graduating from The Glasgow School of Art in 2011 her work has been exhibited widely across the UK, including in the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art 2016, the largest open submission exhibition in the world.

Lying within the tradition of drawing, Emily's recent abstract work explores a visual language of marks. This work has focused on hand-printed etchings; a traditional printmaking process that dates back to the early 16th Century. An original etching is printed by hand, with a great deal of time and care and with each print demanding a high level of technical as well as artistic skill.

Captivated by the unpredictable nature and technicalities of the medium, Emily’s fascination lies with the astounding range of creative potential that it offers. Her experimental approach often leads to many exciting and unforeseen outcomes. 

As Emily explains, 'My
approach to making work is to be experimental, considered and I often put into play various game strategies. I make statuary tests of action and reaction bringing together multiple printmaking techniques. The questions of how the materials perform; “What happens when…?” are what I’m asking when I make these images.'

Emily is a recent addition to our portfolio of emerging British artists and an exciting young graduate showing substantial promise.


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